where to now?

Having been asked to talk about what I’m doing and where I’m going at Birmingham Institute Art & Design in March i thought about exactly the three areas i want to explore in terms of the 360 thang.

choreography of the camera

  • thinking outside of the frame
  • editing for immersion
  • precise control of actors/dancers/camera in an inescapable environment
  • wearable computing/camera

capture of 360° video

  • camera arrays/stitching
  • fisheye lenses
  • ultra hd
  • telematics
  • mimetics

presentation of 360° video

  • dome structures
  • customisable distortion maps for ‘generic’ rooms
  • edge blending/masking
  • projector arrays
  • fisheye projection
  • kinesthetics
  • viewer tracking/perspective shift


  1. Jeannette Ginslov · November 20, 2008

    Hi there leon, great work with “written on the body”…keep me informed about your next project. I am at present doing MSc in Screendance at Dundee University with Katrina Mac Pherson and Simon Fildes. Cheers. Jeannette

  2. leon trimble · November 20, 2008

    Nice one, thanks for the praise, we’ll be working on how we go about developing the piece at a creative lab next week in Coventry. should be ready for next year…

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