yay! i done vjing!

ahem. tagtool gives me a thrill in that it is so simple. build a box with a big red button a gfx tablet and 6 sliders. attach a gamepad, and you have a realtime animation vj thing that anyone can use… i’ve wanted to get illustrators involved in project x for a while. so for each musical act we can have a performer, vj and an illustrator combining to set the mood. along with some OHPs a camera on a stick and maybe a sandbox we have the beginnings of input for the anti-vj…

Vodpod videos no longer available. from www.dailymotion.com posted with vodpod
www.tagtool.org is the place to go for instructions on how to build the things. you need to attach it to a pc and a projector of course. but it’s great, ephemeral digital analog art that a child can do.



  1. Gary Judge · March 9, 2008

    Maybe this is something Object X can make? I love it!

  2. chromatouch · March 10, 2008

    deffo. in fact we are making 2! and beat13 are sponsoring the building and will be performing with other other illustration artists at june’s show…

  3. tagtool · March 17, 2008

    Send us pictures as soon u have any. Also get in touch with our dev zone. In case of any help . Big up open source! cu, iink

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