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been quiet on here of late cos i’ve been busy elsewhere on the web. sorting out the new strax night that starts a week friday… with av acts chromatouch (natch) dj reach and syzygy, we got it going on. soundtrack sets from marc reck & discocyst and chillout in the front bar from jon harris & tony grainger of loafers and resistor respectively.

it’s really quite exciting, as there’s not been a dedicated audio visual showcase since the demise of zoetrope that syzygy organised a few years ago. i will mention modulate tho cos they are keeping stuff going on that front in a more artful guise than a clubnight… and they’ve hinted that they are interested in doing something at STRAX for june đŸ˜‰

i will be trying to organise this in a way that will bring together all facets of the genre, from the arty to the comedic to the cinematic and hip-hopic. and definitely concentrating on the quality of the music…

facebook group for STRAX



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  2. Rich Batsford · April 12, 2008

    sounds great hombre

    perhaps some live piano noodlings at some point in the future?

  3. chromatouch · April 13, 2008

    yeah deffo, what’s your favourite film?

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