The Heritage Orchestra & Lizzy Parks with Chromatouch Visuals at Birmingham Town Hall

I’ve been extremely proud to be playing at the Town Hall in my own city with Birmingham Jazz and the flawless events they organise. In October i had the good fortune for my visuals to be caught on camera by Jamie Ryan-Ainslie during the Heritage Orchestra and Lizzy Parks concert.It was a great night with THO playing the music of Amon Tobin and Lizzy launching her new album. A lot of people were complementary afterward about what was on the screens, which is what it’s all about…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Cabin Fever tour with Leo Altarelli & Lunch Box

Got back this week after an intimate tour for the launch of this Cabin Fever Video made by Leo and Theo with some home educated children in Brighton.

I supplied some 3d Cabin painting and tagtool fun in the run up to the live set and then incorporated the public’s input into the visuals during the gig; along with their other animation efforts from the workshops they’ve been undertaking.

Was really nice to work with those guys and we will be venturing forth again in the new year…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Rich Batsford Writes a Song for Chromatouch

Music by Candlelight Tues July 1st | Rich Batsford

where he will be playing his latest songs including ‘Chromazone’, dedicated to yours truly. as i’ve never had a song written for me before i will be doing some special bits at project x for this. building on the colour scale theory i devised midi feedback relating to the notes he played at the first project x in 2006.

linking this to the new particle engine in visualjockey called particle storm i will project onto dancers tracked with infra red light. should be quite spectacular…

EDIT: from rich’s blog:

Marc Reck shot this nice little bit of video featuring part of my performance of my new piece Chromazone at the Music by Candlelight concert in Moseley last night.

MySpace – STRAX – got it started – STRAX –

been quiet on here of late cos i’ve been busy elsewhere on the web. sorting out the new strax night that starts a week friday… with av acts chromatouch (natch) dj reach and syzygy, we got it going on. soundtrack sets from marc reck & discocyst and chillout in the front bar from jon harris & tony grainger of loafers and resistor respectively.

it’s really quite exciting, as there’s not been a dedicated audio visual showcase since the demise of zoetrope that syzygy organised a few years ago. i will mention modulate tho cos they are keeping stuff going on that front in a more artful guise than a clubnight… and they’ve hinted that they are interested in doing something at STRAX for june 😉

i will be trying to organise this in a way that will bring together all facets of the genre, from the arty to the comedic to the cinematic and hip-hopic. and definitely concentrating on the quality of the music…

facebook group for STRAX

Project X Presents: Xlab V1

Project X time again and we’ve foregone some of the performance for this one to try out a few of the techier ideas. I will be doing a couple of av sets, one based around youtube lo fi stuff using the freeware flash based FLXER vj software, and also something a bit slicker originally inspired by the club scene in the Twin Peaks film.

Things of note will be the Object X guys applying rocket science to installation art – I jest not, the fellows range from research experiment technicians at Birmingham uni to aerospace designers to Shoreditch science teachers… and they’ve got some ingenious proximity based/footswitchin/interactive sofa sound/light/motion structures all over the place, so you really can ‘watch your step’.

And there’s a live linkup from Oz with our very own reductive pianist, Rich Batsford streaming live over video from Adelaide University.

and there’s a whole program of music to fuse with this , from punk to funk to electronica and opera…

details are all here

Project X Presents

With a disturbing, lurching assault on the senses, Project X is an intelligent and unique show destabilising the established role of the “spectator” in performance theatre and drawing you into an impressively eclectic and complex mix of art forms. – Birmingham Post

Panoramic Projections

Create Digital Motion » Panoramic Projections on the Cheap

searching for surround projections in the cdm archive i found this. wanted to do more of this sort of thing using the video matrix at the last project x presents, but didn’t have the time. i do have  few things that tile nicely tho like scrolling arrow things and what not. i particularly like the central array of screens, breaking out of the ‘we have to put visuals over the stage’ mentality.

check out the urban art forms site too