Making music again

One of the major developments in 2010 was that i started toying with sound again making music with Ableton Live like this track which is somewhere between shoegaze and dubstep. it’s entitled Polystep

or this one which is straight up space disco, called Space-O.

Also I am starting to play with spoken word, here is my reading of Walt Whitman’s I sing the Body Electric. A wonderful poem.


All Quiet on the Chromatouch Front…

NO!!! Not at all.
I’ve not blogged throughout 2010 so I’ll amend that this year. I promise…
So here is a new theme for the blog and a new year blogging for Chromatouch Visuals.

Recent STRAX interviews on

On my Rhubarb Radio STRAX show I’ve recently had a couple of artists who are working locally in to interview

First up is the Rea Garden’s resident artist Hannah Hull talking about her work and a memorial she will be holding at the end of November.

And yesterday we had (Captain) Ed Wakefield in to talk about his new maritime novella, Blood & Rorschach and also Cheryl Jones explaining it’s inclusion in the Digbeth based Arts Festival – THE EVENT – which launches tomorrow.

8bit Lounge – Mario Kart 64


Mario Kart 64, originally uploaded by hellocatfood.

Every month on the First Tuesday we hold 8bit Lounge at the Hare and Hounds Pub in King’s Heath.
Amongst other things we have a lot of multiplayer games going on, and Mario Kart 64 on the projector is v. popular. Here is Antonio Roberts recording of the screen using a gameboy camera which is then digitised using some crazy wires he has.

STRAX AV 5 with Oli Sorenson aka VJ ANYONE

STRAX Audio Visual proudly presents AV 5!
The Victoria Pub – 5 minutes from new street station in Birmingham will play host to VJ Anyone – Oli Sorenson, founder of the AV Social, previously held at BFI South Bank and TATE Liverpool. He will be performing his DRUG MUSIC MY EYE set on Friday 23rd October. It’s a lovely boozer with great food, ales and cocktails…

This is a unique opportunity to see Oli perform in such an intimate setting.
Support comes from DJ Mark Smallman, STRAX DJs and an AV collaboration between Chromatouch & mashup supremo Sam Redmore. Also, STRAX is delighted to have Joseph Potts from Modulate back at STRAX.
There’ll also be lots of engaging craziness including Tagtool, Wiiwhorld, and 10-player Bomberman!

Facebook event here.

Touch Resolume TouchOSC Layout at

I’ve been playing with TouchOSC on the iphone to great effect recently on the pc using wireless puppetry software Animata. trying it out on the mac has proved even easier with modul8 and now martin thoburn (who has some really nice stuff over at his blog) has released a layout for resolume 3.1, i am in 7th heaven.

“Touch Resolume” is a custom layout for TouchOSC that allows you to control Resolume 3.1 over a wireless network directly with your iphone or ipod touch WITHOUT midi mapping. Touch Resolume controls Resolume 3.1 directly with OSC commands translated with OSCulator.

What do I need to use this?

Resolume 3.1 or higher (mac or pc)

TouchOSC 1.4 for iphone or ipod touch

TouchOSC Editor (used to upload custom layout to iphone/ipod)

OSCulator 2.8 (mac only)

via Touch Resolume 0.8 BETA – Custom TouchOSC Layout at

Gabriella Gardosi Tagtools

Chromatouch visuals had the privilege of sorting visuals for 6 arenas at Global Gathering this year… those rooms included m-nus, polysexual vs htid, bedrock, toolroom knights, spectrum and random concept. This was the brilliantly talented Gabby using the tagtool to great effect.

Thanks to Gabby and also Catarax visuals, TheLab and Jon Harris for making it run so smoothly…